Different forms of the kratom emporium

Kratom or ketum is a plant native to countries like Thailand, Malaysia and other countries lying in the south of the Asian continent. The leaves of this plant after the removal of the central vein are used for a multitude of reasons like:

  • Providing relief from pain, mood swings, anxiety and fatigue
  • Helping people suffering from sleep disorders and insomnia.
  • Used in the process of helping people get rid of an opium addiction or similar drug addiction.
  • Allowing people to lower their blood sugar levels. This important benefit for people suffering from diabetes.

Kratom Emporium

Different forms of kratom emporium

Kratom can be used in various forms for consumption purposes like:

  • Chewing the leaves

One of the most frequent ways of consuming the kratom emporium is to remove the central vein from the leaves and chew them in their raw form. The natives of south-Asian countries use this method as the leaves are abundant and easily available.


  • Capsules

The leaves of the kratom plant are bitter and cannot be chewed easily by some individuals. To ensure easier consumption the leaves are crushed, grinded and sold in the form of capsules. These capsules can be easily digested.


  • Powder form

Another way to consume the kratom emporium leaves is to grind them into a powder and mixed with a sweeter drink like milk or fruit juices to mask their bitter taste. One of the best ways to consume the powder is to mix it with a chocolate drink as the two go well together.


  • Paste

The leaves can also be grinded into a paste and mixed with different drinks or used in the batter of cakes, breads and pastries to get rid of the bitter taste of the leaves. The paste can also be dissolved in a sweet drink or eaten with other dishes. They are frequently used to treat their guests. Some religious functions also use it to offer to the deities.