Everything you need to know about sarongs with Allsarongs

Sarong is atype of beach wear that is worn by most of the people all around the world. It is gracefully wrapped by a woman around their waist. The ties of Sarong can be mother pearl or of coconut.

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  • It consists of material of two and a half yards which are wide.
  • The material of sarong usually comes in intricate patterns or bright colored patterns, geometric patterns, or depiction of some animal and much more similar to all this.
  • In Hawai, sarongs are considered as Anglicized Tahitian name that is Pareo
  • The dying technique of Batik is linked with the Sarong production.
  • In Sinhalese, it is also considered as Sarama.
  • In Eastern Africa, Sarong is considered as Kanga, Chitenge or Kikoi; it is made up of colored cotton.
  • In Madagascar, Allsarongs deal it in the name of ‘lamba’ with the customer.
  • In India, it is considered as ‘Dhoti.’


The fact is that sarongis famous all over the world for its design and pattern variation. Even film stars prefer to wear Sarongs in movies including Ray Milland, Tyrone Power or Jon Hall and many other. Its value and need increases everywhere.

Uses of Sarong:

  • Purchase for wearing on a beach that has different styles and types
  • Used as a bathing suit
  • Act as a blanket

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