Homemade Remedies for Getting Rid of Termites

Termites are the most common problem that almost every household faces. There are hardly any homes without wooden furniture. These insects basically get their food from the dead and decaying plant materials. When termites get wooden objects, they feed on them, and this wooden furniture gets weak after a certain period of time and then is completely damaged. Records say that termites are even capable of consuming 15 pounds wood within just one week. Termites are also known to damage the clothes in your wardrobe. Warm weather is what termites prefer the most. The location of one’s house also matters a lot. There is no doubt that everyone takes the best possible care of their house, but chances can still be missed, resulting into the termites to intrude into the way of living.


Remedies made at home to get rid of termites


When you already know that the termites have made their way into your household, it is a must that you get rid of them. There are many ways you can adopt to get rid of the termites.


  • Orange Oil: The extract from the orange oil has the capability of killing the termites that have infested in the wooden furniture. Orange oil is a very active compound and kills 98% of the germs. Applying the orange oil on the termites’ colony help in killing them.


  • Petroleum Jelly: Petroleum jelly has a phenol contain in it. Rubbing petroleum jelly on the wooden furniture and leaving it completely for one to two days, help effectively in getting rid of the termites.


  • Essential Oils: Essential oils help in effectively eradicating the termites. Clove bud oil and vetiver oil are two of the essential oils that play this important role. Also, they assure that there will be no future infestation of the termites.


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