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Businesses cost money. And with more start-up businesses coming up there is a change in the investment heads. Money has the power to change many dynamics. Gone are the times when the investments used to come from multimillionaires. Websites like celebritynetworth.wiki brings to the world, a revelation that is huge. Startup brands now get their investments from world famous celebrities.

With a motivation to make the world a better place, many celebrities have dove right into the world of business as investors. A keen eye for business is helping these popular celebrities of various fields to make an impact.


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Celebrity investors:

After making a huge name for themselves and building a scrumptious empire of economic stability, these celebrities are making it big in the businessworld. So who are the ones?

  • Madonna: The evergreen pop singer Madonna was so impressed with brand Vita Coco, that she made an investment of $1.5 million. The singer reportedly started drinking the packed coconut water by this company on her tour every day. Realizing the observable good effects of the product, she made a decision to invest in It seems that the investment is paying off as in the recent years; there has been a 40% growth in the sales.
  • Jared Leto: Who does not remember the golden globe winner Jared Leto? Being the lead vocalist of band 30 seconds to mars, he has already made many investments in various start-up He is known to have made investments in a total of 40 companies.
  • Ashton Kutcher: He along with his two partners owns an investment company under the name of A – Grade Investments. This two and a half man star is known to have made many investments for start-up companies including Skype back in 2009.

The ending verse:

Websites like celebrity net worth provide pure and authentic information on the various investments celebs make every day. So look them up right now to know every small detail about your favorite celebrity.