Net Worth Of Richest Celebrities – What Is Its Meaning?

Net worth means total assets held by a person minus total liabilities. In simple words net worth is the difference between owned and owed. Just earning money is not enough one must be smart enough to understand how to make good use of it so that he/she can live a life of luxury and at the same be a role model to billions of people.


What makes a celebrity richer than others?

The basic question that a person might get in his/her head is how Marv griffin richer than Johnny Depp or Leonardo di caprio who received $35,000,000 for a single role. The answer to this is Johnny Depp or Leonardo maybe highest earning actors but net worth means the property owned by the actor/celebrity and it can only be devised by proper economic planning.

State of mind of the richest celebrities?

One must understand than a celebrity can turn out to be rich in a single day but being rich by net worth takes years to build up. One must know his/her investment plans and should know the best place to invest his hard earned money without basic knowledge the celebrities might be soaring high during their time of success but when things might not go as planned they would fail to make their ends meet. Celebrities should even understand that with proper investment schemes and knowledge they would be able to help their country’s gdp as well therefor they won’t be rich just by their fame they would be rich with their knowledge and by their understanding about how money works.

Here are names of few richestcelebrities with highest of net worth.

  • Bill gates(90 billion)
  • Mark Zuckerberg(50 billion)
  • George Lucas(5.1 billion)
  • Steven Spielberg(3.5 billion)
  • Oprah Winfred(3.2 billion)

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