Simple tricks to make your videos look awesome

Mobile phone cameras these days have become so much better that they are quite a reliable tool for shooting videos. Most of the new phones these days have 4K or full HD facility. And what with the storage space available it is easy to shoot larger videos and share them too. Here we have given you some very simple tricks that would help you take amazing videos. Most of these rules also apply to camcorders, tablets or GoPros. If you are interested you might also want to check



  • Always use the back camera of the phone or tablet that you are using. And make sure that you hold the device still. We tend to look at the scene while filming. That would bring in instability. So concentrate on your shot and not the scene.
  • You do have options; but it’s always better to shoot in landscape mode. Only then would you be able to enjoy the video on a large screen.
  • Use a grid to make sure that your shot is not at an angle. It’s a good point of reference. If you are shooting people then make sure that their eyes are in level with the top grid line.
  • Lighting is another very important aspect. You can edit and brighten photographs. But that doesn’t really apply to videos. So make sure you have good lighting; better if the source of light is behind you.
  • Using a wide angle gives you a good result as far as videos go. It’s always a good idea to position yourself a little away from the action so that you do not have to move around and make your video shaky. This way you can catch everything without moving.
  • Though it is tempting to zoom in on subjects, it might spoil the focus of the camera. If at all you need to you can focus slowly and then retreat exactly the same way.

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