The New Kayla Fitness App for Women

Kayla Itsines is a female trainer hailing from Australia. She has been an author on writing fitness books andis a personal trainer and also an entrepreneur. After finding good impression she created a fitness app that’s aims at providing best body and fitness goals.

The app is available in the Google Play Store (for the android Smartphone users) and also available at iStore (for iPhone users). After its successful launch, it is seen that it had generated highest revenue compared to any other fitness apps as of 2016.

It was her biggest success and after that she was also named one among the 30 most influential people of 2016 on internet. She also had over 5 million followers on instagram and over 8 bmillion on facebook (October 2016).

About the app:

It’s a   training app and thus providing all the trainings virtually. The greatest advantage peing it can be as a portable trainer app. Mainly targets BBG also referred to as the Bikini Body Guide.




After its successful launch on the leading market like Google Play Store and iStore, it has gained much popularity.

The application targets at  targeting the fitness goals and there are various packages to choose from. There are many training packages which comes at different prices. The user will select the ones that is favorable and then the application will  give series of instructions to follow.  There is also a 7 day trial program for those who want to give ita trial before investing amount on the application.

Thus it is actually being a successful as it allows the women to stay on their track on achieving their goals.

The reviews:

On the honest side the app has gained much popularity and have been preferred by women around the world. Though it has earned good reviews , also there are bad reviews along side it.

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