What do you know about home elevators and wheelchair lifts

Just because the person has decreased mobility, it does not mean that the person’s quality of life should decrease. This is what sites like www.imedmobility.comand similar sites believe in. That is why they have a number of mobility aids for those suffering from temporary or permanent disability as well as for people who as a result of age find their levels of mobility decreasing.


These wheelchair lifts as well as home elevators can be installed in places of worship, schools, hotels, offices, subways, airports as well as building which are public and private.

imed mobility

imed mobilityand several places have different offerings which are available. There are home elevators which are not only easy to use but are reliable and safe as well. These increase the livability in the home at all levels. This also helps to increase the value of the property.


There are home elevators which even have automated sliding style doors and these have different finishes and colors and so can totally complement the exterior as well as the interiors of the home.


There are wheelchair lifts which allow the passengers to be transported up and down the stairway. These allow for curving and straight stairways and this is available for those without or even with intermediate landings.


There are inclined platform lifts for wheelchairs and these are designed keeping in mind straight stairways. This uses a rail system which is mounted on the wall or to towers which are between landings. This is used for commercial applications and it uses the building mains power.


There are cost effective straight flight of stairs lifts. These are used generally in homes and these are usually battery powered.


In addition there are vertical platform lifts which can be fitted with various customizable features based on the needs and preferences of the users.