What do you know about vouchers and discounts

https://www.plusvouchercode.co.ukand so many sites like it offer discounts and vouchers. The reason why sites such as www.plusvouchercode.co.ukare very popular is that discount works not only on acquiring of new customers but they also are a way of expressing gratitude to those customers that are existing. Discounts can be offered to best clients or to those that are with you for a long period of time. These discounts are gestures that the customer usually does not forget and infact, they modify their behavior due to this. It is the thought that counts and not the gift or the discount that is offered at some times.


Discounts attract new customers and once they are hooked on to your site/product or service, they will most likely not leave if they see value in it. New customers when attracted also mean new opportunities for cross selling as well as for upselling which in the long run converts into more revenue.

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The business however needs to position the discount well. There is a risk when there are back to back discounts offered. The risk is that people start getting used to the fact that they do not need to pay a full price for the goods and services. If there are single service discounts or discounts offered only on select products, these could backfire when you see the overall sales. Therefore, giving of discounts need to be well strategized.


Just giving discounts on plusvouchercode.co.ukor sites like it is not the answer to all the business problems. These discounts should not be overused. Theyshould be used effectively and the period of the discount, the goods, the services being discounted as well as the amount of discount being offered should be carefully considered. Only then will discounts work and not hurt the business.